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Why do leather experts choose to buy in Guanajuato?

Why do leather experts choose to buy in Guanajuato?

One of the key elements of Mexico’s economy is the leather and hides industry that employs over 3000,000 people across the country, who are involved either in obtaining and preparing leather for its industrial use, or directly in the multiple manufacturing process for footwear, clothing, accessories, leather goods, upholstery of furniture, among many others.

Those who are familiar with this industry acknowledge Guanajuato as the best state to acquire high -quality leather and hides. This is fully backed up by the numbers: Guanajuato possesses 70% of this market, followed by Jalisco with 15%, Mexico State with 5%, CDMX with 3% and the remaining percentage divided between different states.

Some of the most important factors that influence leather and hide buyers to buy in the state of Guanajuato are related to the strength and experience of the leather sector in Guanajuato, for example:


Buyers know that when it comes to the product, Guanajuato offers them export quality, products regulated by international certificates, variety in styles, colors and finishes according to current trends, and the ideal characteristics for different uses like footwear, furniture, upholstery etc. Many of the leading companies also have strong new product development departments, committed to innovation, with a culture of constant improvements. They take into account areas of opportunity detected while working in constant communication with the clients, which also enables them to offer custom products and anticipate the needs of the buyer.

Efficiency and Reliability

It is important for business owners to trust that they will receive their deliveries on time, and Guanajuato’s leading producers are committed to their clients. They have raw material stock to provide maximum efficiency in volume and delivery times.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is undoubtedly another factor to take into account, and the leading Guanajuato companies in the sector take actions to this regard, such as the recycling of waste, the use of clean energy generated by solar panels, the use of recycled materials for their packaging and a strict control of restricted substances in accordance with international regulations.


Last but not least, the leather and hide producers of Guanajuato have extensive experience with exporting, so the client can feel supported and advised during the entire buying process.

So there you have it. If you are already a buyer or you are just starting out and want to get a better price-quality-service ratio when buying leather and hides, look no further. Guanajuato has everything you need and at Shoes from Mexico, we can also advise you.

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