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The Cowboy Boot, a Winner with Mexico’s Exports

The Cowboy Boot, a Winner with Mexico’s Exports

In recent years, Mexico has managed to position itself, and retain its position, as one of the principal exporters of cowboy boots in the world, together with countries like Italy and India.

The cowboy boots manufactured by leading companies in Guanajuato, such as Botas Padilla, El Canelo, Reyme, and Angus Boots, are handmade artisanal boots, made from different high-quality leathers, such as goat, one of the favorites due to its softness, and cowhide, frequently used for the lining. Some brands have been distinguished for offering a larger variety of boots made from exotic leathers, such as ostrich leg, cobra, python, eel and armadillo, among others, all of which are imported.


Both the different types of classic lasts and the urban versions are widely accepted in the international market.

The construction always used for this type of footwear is Goodyear Welt, which involves an artisanal process from start to finish, resulting in excellent quality, huge attention to detail and unbeatable durability. Footwear made with this construction is initially rigid, but after a period known as the breaking-in period, it becomes one of the most comfortable and durable footwear. The process mainly consists of double stitching that joins the leather to the sole, making the footwear highly resistant and durable, while retaining its shape and form.

The main countries that Mexico exports this special artisanal footwear to are: United States in first place, followed by Guatemala, Canada in third place, and then Costa Rica, El Salvador, Chile, Colombia, Panama, The Netherlands and Japan.

Foreign business owners have taken this product back to their markets and been able to verify the huge business opportunity it represents. They acknowledge the fact that Mexican manufacturers, in particular the brands from Guanajuato, comply with the highest quality standards, delivery times and furthermore, are trustworthy and reliable. It is highly important for them to be in constant communications with their maquiladores, to make periodic visits to their factories to get to know the processes, and above all, to take the utmost care with the product requirements and characteristics established from the beginning during negotiations; since as they point out, due to the high cost involved, the product is targeted at a premium market, where they do not skimp on costs and consumers are highly demanding in terms of quality and product finishes

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