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Over 200 international companies at SAPICA.

Over 200 international companies at SAPICA.

SAPICA has become the ideal space to showcase our country’s footwear and leather goods. New distribution channels, as well as the changes that have been made in terms of logistics, are just some of the factors that have influenced an increase in sales and visits to SAPICA.


What will you find at SAPICA?

The International Trade Fair for Leather Goods and Footwear is the principal business platform for footwear. The exhibition spans 45,000 square meters, with over two thousand stands and every type of men and women’s footwear on display, including current trends, sport shoes, boots and leather goods, such as bags, clothes and accessories. One of the biggest advantages is not only the opportunity to purchase the footwear on display, but the potential to do business with companies in order to produce more specific footwear with the characteristics that internationals buyers are looking for. This is one of the most effective ways of doing business for the large international brands.

For this reason, more than 200 international companies visit every year, from over 30 countries including the United States, Costa Rica, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Panama, Chile, Nicaragua and Canada. They have shown that attending the event results in a rich learning experience about Mexican footwear brands and knowledge about how to do business in Mexico and the rest of the world, with the number of international companies increasing every year.


How does SAPICA help international buyers?

The 2018 event resulted in sales of 7.82 million dollars, according to the Coordinator of Foreign Trade Promotion (COFOCE in Spanish), achieved through a program for international buyers, benefitting close to 90 companies, 10% of which were new to exporting. This shows that it is not only the established companies in the industry with years of experience that are prepared to export; there are more and more brands that are willing to meet the product requirements that overseas buyers are looking for.

“International brands turn to Mexico to identify manufacturing opportunities for their products. It is an important focal point for the production and trade of footwear”.


Strategic alliances have also been fundamental for international companies looking for different distribution channels through co-investment.

There is also the international program, Shoes from Mexico, that works to create effective agendas for international buyers according to what is on offer in Mexico, which has allowed efficient business models to be developed for both parties, connecting supply and demand strategically before, during and after this event. If you are thinking about attending this year in August, don’t hesitate to contact us for a business agenda and consulting services here


The goal of SAPICA is to consolidate the negotiation process and increase business by offering international buyers a process that detects their needs and connects them with suitable manufacturers to generate productive and strategic business encounters, seeking to position a recognized value: the creativity that Mexican footwear and leather goods offers to the rest of the world.

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