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Mexican leather footwear brands for export/import.

Mexican leather footwear brands for export/import.

Leather footwear in Mexico is one of the most popular styles produced, particularly in Guanajuato, since the number of tanneries mean that leather is an accessible raw material that is easy to produce and use in the industry. For this reason, it is the most sought-after footwear for exporting and importing. Below we have compiled a list of Mexican leather footwear brands that are ready to export/import.


Since 2015, leather footwear is the most valuable type of footwear exported; it represents 77% which is equal to around 9.3 million pairs. The footwear industry in Guanajuato is a stable industry, with important business opportunities with over 3 thousand small and large manufacturers, over 300 leather companies, 300 suppliers and almost 700 tanneries.


Choosing the correct brand for your business, for exporting/importing is essential. There are many factors to take into account, but with leather footwear it is simple; quality is guaranteed since the production of the raw material and the footwear manufacturing take place in the same place.


Mexican leather footwear brands:




Specializing in outdoor and safety footwear, the company is renowned for its first-class quality, both in Mexico and abroad, exporting to countries such as Canada, USA, Japan, France, Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands.


*Botas Padilla

A company dedicated to manufacturing safety footwear for industrial and fieldwork. A competitive leader at a national level and satisfying its customers’ expectations internationally thanks to the quality of its products.



Experts in Goodyear Welt construction, a process that led them to exporting leather cowboy and military boots and shoes to Europe, Canada and USA.



A leading Mexican company in the design and manufacturing of cowboy boots, with a production capacity of 7000 pairs weekly. It exports to several countries in North America, Europe and Asia, and has received the National Exports Award.


*Lobo Solo

This company fuses current and modern designs with materials, color and textures of the highest quality standards. Its footwear is stitched by hand by women using the Opanka system, resulting in handcrafted work that provides the perfect fit and total comfort for whoever wears it.


Children’s Footwear


*Calzado Kinder

Children’s footwear, exclusively made with leather, with huge attention to detail to fuse and combine exclusive, innovative and comfortable designs that will keep children looking trendy at all times.


*Calzado Elefante

Committed to the highest quality standards in materials, labor and service. With cutting-edge designs using innovative technology to make the shoes even more comfortable with shock-absorbing soles that make the products flexible and comfortable.



Specializing in children’s footwear, made with the highest quality standards and with a special focus on materials and comfort for children’s feet. The company distributes approximately 130,000 pairs a month.




*Carlo Rossetti

Leading manufacturer and distributor of women’s footwear in Mexico and abroad, with leather, fabric and some synthetics and a focus on quality.



A brand that specializes in the design and manufacture of leather footwear for women, with an innovative conveyor belt production system that facilitates efficient and quality customer service.



100% Mexican and focused on developing and manufacturing women’s footwear that aims to be at the forefront of classical styles, quality, comfort and fashion using the best materials at the best cost.



Footwear of the highest quality and comfort with inspiring designs based on European trends at affordable prices. Vicenza has coverage throughout Mexico, with experience exporting to the United States, Canada and Japan.





A women’s and men’s Mexican footwear brand, characterized by its casual and dress boots and sneakers, made with 100% Mexican products based on high-quality leathers and materials with handmade techniques that give our products added value, a personal touch with quality and service.



Peregrino Piel uses Goodyear Welt construction for its footwear which makes it durable. The best materials and the most expert hands working and developing the most innovative products in leather, wood and metalwork, guaranteeing a high-quality handmade product for the rest of the world.



A footwear manufacturer that specializes in designing, producing and distributing mainly men’s footwear. Keeping track of fashion trends of its main customers and sales channels throughout the country that trust them.


*Antonio Garcia

Men’s footwear for the national market and for export, with handstitched techniques on the last, with special attention to detail and a process that consists of stitching just two pieces of leather. Exporting to different international brands across the world showcasing the value of handcrafted and handmade work.



Leather dress shoes for men and leather soles, of high quality, comfort and design, exporting principally to the United Stated, Canada and Japan.





Leading manufacturers of boots and shoes with Goodyear Welt construction in Mexico. They export their products to over 20 countries around the world. Their leathers are distinctive with special finishes and textures.


*Julio de Mucha

They believe in handmade products made by generations of craftspeople that use their talent to make shoes with history and unique quality. The designs of Julio de Mucha are carriers of a leather legacy.



A Mexican company that specializes in footwear and leather accessories. Its high-quality standards, attention to detail and selection of exclusive materials make it one of the leading companies in the fashion industry and market. A brand that is 100% Mexican that is always at the forefront of design and quality.



A company with extensive experience in importing raw materials and exporting finished products, following the regulations and norms of Europe, the United States and Japan. It commits to bringing its clients’ footwear designs to life and making them a reality.



A shoe legacy in the market, that aims to offer products that respond to the comfort and health needs of its clients at a fair price, focusing on the quality of its products and a sophisticated workforce.



Comfortable quality high-tech footwear for men and women. Its mission is to be a leader in manufacturing and personalized quality service, respecting the values of our customers’ satisfaction.



Manufacturers and distributors of sports footwear for men and women. Its materials, designs and production come together to make it one of the best traditional manufacturers with 100% quality in each material.


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