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International Buyer Engagement Program.

International Buyer Engagement Program.

One of the main strategic focuses of the footwear and leather industries in Mexico is to increase international awareness of these industries and show not only its talent and creativity but also its quality and consumer advantage. This is why the International Buyer Engagement Program was created by Shoes From Mexico and led by COFOCE and CICEG.

One of the main objectives of the program is to guide and attract international buyers to the state of Guanajuato; promoting the industry internationally, providing personalized attention, individually positioning the participating companies and attracting potential clients to generate business opportunities. This program matches the ideal international buyer with the ideal manufacturer.

At an international level, the United States, Colombia, Guatemala, Japan and Panama are the 5 main export markets. However, Mexico exports to over 40 other countries which constitutes a great potential to tap into.



The Mexican footwear industry offers these main advantages:

*A desirable location
*Free trade agreements with 44 countries
*Quality assurance programs and international certifications
*Highly specialized manufacturing systems
*Different sized businesses that can adapt to special specifications
*Specialization in leather shoes


We can be the example of Latin American countries – Why is Mexico relevant for Central American buyers?

*We have free trade agreements with 5 Central American countries, which gives us a competitive advantage.
* 0% tariffs
*Natural markets
*Less than 8 days transit time to receive merchandise
*Diversified markets
*Stable economies over the past several years



This program offers to match the buyer with companies of different sizes, depending on needs in volume, production and design. It also assists with adapting the international buyer’s costs or brand needs.
This program has allowed the consolidation of business with countries such as United States, Canada, Colombia, Japan, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Honduras, to mention a few, at the Footwear and Leather Exhibition www.sapica.com; the perfect setting to form international business relationships.


If you are looking for a Mexican footwear and/or leather supplier, contact us at www.shoesfrommexico.com or daniel.sepulveda@ciceg.org

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