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Industry 4.0 and Mexican Footwear.

Industry 4.0 and Mexican Footwear.

The industrial sector is flourishing in a new era of technology, which means that the digital and physical words are coming together to transform traditional processes and adapt the diverse production areas, giving way to a smart industry. Manufacturing 4.0 and the footwear and leather goods industry in Mexico have this as one their strategic focuses, with well-defined programs and projects to face the challenges of the new digital revolution.

How does Mexico being part of Industry 4.0 benefit a company overseas?

One of the most important objectives of the industry is to determine seasonal trends and sales forecasts for every type of footwear, as well as purchase materials and ensure that production is adequate. To this regard, it is necessary for this industry to join the Revolution 4.0, like many others in the manufacturing sector, to digitalize their processes and information, and for technology to help to generate statistics and basic forecasts.

As always, globalization and the increase in exports is a priority for companies, and Mexico has demonstrated that it is among the 10 countries with the largest number of footwear exports, and it is constantly seeking to grow. For this reason, manufacturers are taking into account every opportunity they can to join the revolution 4.0, with the goal of increasing sales and production.


Systems like machines for fast 3D prototyping, specialized pattern-making and cutting equipment, design stations that use software for developing and designing footwear, and a non-destructive inspection system using X-ray are being used more and more.

“The footwear industry is a goldmine within Mexican society, and in order for it to continue growing, companies must join this fourth wave of technology, and stay up-to-date with the advances and updates that are on their way, which will be an important factor for their development. They must keep up-to-date and constantly learning and training so that they don’t get left behind”.

How does this help USA and Canada to import Mexican footwear?

Incorporating technology into the footwear industry has meant that it can process information to improve processes and provide staff with useful information that helps them to plan and focus on their objectives. This leads to more production, less time, allowing the machines and processes to interact with human experience.

This model is also sustainable, since with new production schedules, human resource management, saving energy and the use of natural resources and the implementation of green technology, we see models that improve services and the end product, with more value added.

Through manufacturing 4.0, companies seek to establish a smart manufacturing model that uses real-time data to improve operations of different actors in the supply chain, as well as capitalize on information generated by machines, employees and providers immediately. This means automating processes, supported by new technology tools to  give companies a competitive edge.

The industry therefore has a promising future and by coming on board with technological advances, the country is in an ideal position to become the world’s number one exporter.

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