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How to choose a Mexican footwear brand to import.

How to choose a Mexican footwear brand to import.

The manufacturing of footwear in Mexico is unique; it is distributed among different states of the country, with Guanajuato leading the way and representing 70% of total production. If you are interested in importing footwear and do not know where to start when choosing a brand, we have prepared a short guide to help you.


Trade between countries is a way to standardize business; one of the strategic advantages of Mexico that helps it to be competitive within the global market is the large number of trade agreements it has in place, as well as being an active participant in the most important multinational trade agreements in the world. This means that Mexican products have preferential tariffs, which is just one of the advantages of consuming Mexican products.


*Check which companies manufacture the type of footwear you are interested in; you can look at the directory on the Shoes from Mexico website to find a range of options.

*Large companies export the largest quantities of footwear, but medium and small companies can also be good options. Factors that will help you to choose are: the type of footwear manufactured, the costs, quality and design.


*The brand must be able to meet the volumes of product you need; this is another factor that will help you choose the size of the company.

*One of the biggest advantages of the shoe industry in Mexico is the number of ways that exist to produce a wide range of different footwear.

*However, high-quality leather footwear is the most sought-after type.


*Leather and its processes, as well as the number of tanneries in the state, ensure high-quality material. If you are looking for a product made in Mexico, make sure that the companies you are looking at sell national products.


*Quality is always key; you can approach different companies and ask for samples so that you can have a point of reference.

*Take into account Value = Benefits/Costs


*The products should have cutting-edge styles and keep up with the latest trends


* You can review the quality standards and certifications of each company.


*The company should be well-located and have good transport routes to facilitate shipping.


*It should be a company with a good vision, authenticity and quality in its manufacturing.

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