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Footwear from Guanajuato and Internationalization.

Footwear from Guanajuato and Internationalization.

The footwear industry is essential to the economy of certain countries, and Mexico is one of them. The state of Guanajuato is one of the principal sources of labor; it is the most important manufacturer of footwear in the country and the largest contributor to national production, with over 180 million pairs of shoes made in Guanajuato, according to reports by the CICEG in 2018. The footwear made here is highly important for import purposes, with values of up to 600 million dollars in its main markets due to its high competitivity. We are always working towards internationalization and today this is more important than ever before.



In recent years, the footwear industry has grown more than any other sector, thanks to international demand for the products exported from Mexico. León is the center of the leather and footwear world and the largest producer in the country, with over 70% made in the state of Guanajuato.


With the aim of internationalization of Mexican footwear and leather goods always at the forefront, trade missions take place both in Latin America in countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Chile, Brazil or Costa Rica, as well as in the UK, Germany, Italy, Japan and China, These are main countries where a market niche has been found and that have a large potential for marketing and selling competitively.


Value added, trends and competitive prices are some of the differentiating characteristics of Mexican products for their target markets. Mexican companies also have a vision to work on all areas of opportunity to achieve a higher level of diversification, while at the same time, consumers like to see new products, brands and companies. In the surveys carried out at SAPICA, the most important footwear and leather goods trade fair in Latin America, 64% of the visitors to the fair were looking for new suppliers and offers.



70% of footwear in Mexico is made in the city of León, Guanajuato, a strategic region that is well-connected by highways to the rest of the country. The infrastructure and road system in Mexico are first-class and there are also 63 border crossings between Mexico and the United States, with 330 ports of entry. Products can be shipped to the United States in two or three days, to Latin America in a week and to Europe in around ten days.


The footwear industry in Mexico is undoubtedly a great business opportunity, since it encompasses the keys to a successful product. It is a highly experienced industry in manufacturing, design, trends and innovation. All of these factors mean that Mexico specializes in footwear of added value and first-class quality.

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