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According to specialists, the new USMCA trade agreement, which is basically an updated version of the North American Free Trade Agreement, could boost modernization in the country’s industry. In first place, it is expected that once in place, the USMCA will put an end to the atmosphere of economic uncertainty in Mexico, but beyond that, …

  • 26 febrero, 2020
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De acuerdo a los especialistas, el nuevo acuerdo comercial T-MEC, que básicamente es la versión actualizada del Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte, podría representar un impulso en la modernización de la industria del país. En primera instancia, se espera que una vez en marcha, el T-MEC pondrá fin al clima de incertidumbre …

  • 20 febrero, 2020
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In recent years, Mexico has managed to position itself, and retain its position, as one of the principal exporters of cowboy boots in the world, together with countries like Italy and India. The cowboy boots manufactured by leading companies in Guanajuato, such as Botas Padilla, El Canelo, Reyme, and Angus Boots, are handmade artisanal boots, …

  • 12 febrero, 2020
  • 3128
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One of the key elements of Mexico’s economy is the leather and hides industry that employs over 3000,000 people across the country, who are involved either in obtaining and preparing leather for its industrial use, or directly in the multiple manufacturing process for footwear, clothing, accessories, leather goods, upholstery of furniture, among many others. Those …

  • 11 febrero, 2020
  • 1560
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