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About Us
Company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of athetic shoes for women and men.

Nevertheless the materials, the design and the production is assembled in one of the best traditional factories in León, México, in a city with ancient tradition of making shoes, durable and also with 100% quality in every material, but overall doing things with passion.
Welcome to the new wave of unconditional shoes.

Nowadays people need to be casual, comfortable and always connected with fashion. Young people need to show how cool the are in social media with their new clothes, need to be fashionable and trendy. That´s what MARES brings you.

Mares was founded with the idea to create an holistic approach to shoe making: comfortable shoes with a trendy Design inspired in global technology, magnificent architecture, and beautiful art. We make real shoes for real people.

Business Name: Manufactura Competitiva de Calzado, S.A. de C.V.

Physical Address: Jorge Vertiz Campero #1967 SN. Miguel de Renteria

Location: León Gto.

Phone: +52 (477) 267 1850



Men, Women, Boy, Girl

Footwear Types

Safety shoes, Casual shoes, Sport Casual , School shoes

Shoes Construction

Direct attached, Cemented, Strobbel

Footwear Materials

Leather, Synthetic, Textile


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