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We are a company with more than 65 years in the market, committed with the highest quality standards in all senses: materials, labor and service. We have also always been at the forefront of design with the support of our Italian and Spanish designers who allow us to have a first-hand update of the latest market trends. In the same way, we have innovated in technology in order to make more comfortable shoes, such as, our anti-shock soles and flexible plants that give more comfort to our products.
We manufacture youth and children shoes in all its varieties, from the traditional school construction stitcher (sewn to the sole) to modern school lines. We also produce casual shoes, sandals, boots and ballerinas, thus covering all the seasons, and all with a European influence. We have more than 100 styles in many different color combinations.

Business Name: Fábrica de Calzado Plascencia, S.A. de C.V.

Physical Address: Blvd. Calzada Tepeyac No. 902 Col. San Nicolás.

Zipcode 37480

Location: León Gto.

Phone: +52 (477) 712 6462



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Footwear Types

Casual boots, Casual shoes, Sandals, Dress shoes, School shoes

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Leather, Synthetic, Textile


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